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Software Developer | Full time | £55K


  • £35K-£55K DOE
  • Full time
  • Hybrid working
  • Laptop provided


  • Additional Christmas Paid Holiday
  • Stock options

Who We Are & What We Do

Karno is an immersive gaming company with a rich heritage of incredible games experienced in the real world. In 2.8 Hours Later, zombies chased players across their city and in Wolves we had a real wolf pack eluding players in the Lakeland Hills. Our games are deeply engaging, sometimes challenging, but they always ask searching questions about how humans live together, and within the natural world.

Now, we are embarking on a hugely ambitious and very exciting project: a new game that takes place entirely within players’ mobile devices, but requires players to move about the world to move through the game. It’s a kind of nature treasure hunt that aims to educate young people about ecology through play and exercise. We’re calling it Loupe and we’re putting together a team to build it.

Core to the game is an innovative bit of technology, an AI component that predicts the presence of species at any point on the earth’s surface. The game uses this to determine what lives at the player’s location and to set challenges. To build this, we are working with leading academics from Bristol and Birmingham Universities, including a professor of biodiversity modelling. 

We are a purpose driven company with a culture that promotes employee wellbeing, and a healthy work life balance. We operate an open and flat company structure, valuing the creativity and contribution of all members of the team. Bristol based, we are a remote first company but expect attendance in our workspace at least once a week.

The Opportunity

We are looking for a back end developer, our first tech hire to work with our academic partners in developing our artificial intelligence technology. We will be growing quickly over the next four years and you will form the core of our development team, along with the game developer hire, developing new products but also establishing workflows, incorporating best practice and building deployment pipelines.

We’re a startup planning on scaling quickly, but sustainably. The opportunity will suit someone who relishes challenges, is highly flexible (startup life is never predictable) and wants to work on products that have impact on the serious environmental challenges humanity is facing.

What You Will Be Doing

You will be working closely with the academics in building the technology, based on a new foundation model that uses graph neural networks. This will involve:

  • Identifying appropriate data sources with which to train the model
  • Processing the data to prepare it for training
  • Building a pipeline that supports model training but also various testing approaches such as A/B
  • Work with our biodiversity modelling expert and benchmark data to evaluate the model output
  • Deploy the AI component and work with the game developer to enable the game to utilise the AI output
  • Continue to develop and refine the AI technology as learning emerges through evaluation and game testing
  • Support game operations with contributions such as player account management
  • Work with the game developer and consultant analyst to implement the game measurement plan
  • Support general company operations such as company and game website back-end development

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for a U.K. based developer with 2-4 years professional experience who shares our determination to help address environmental breakdown. You will relish the ups and downs of startup life, and the rewards in which you will share. We are looking for a highly flexible, self-reliant team player who will contribute ideas and solutions to all aspects of the game development, and company operations.

As a talented developer, we assume that specific programming languages are not an issue, you can learn them. Obviously Python would be advantageous, but not essential. Other than that, here are a few things that we’d expect to see competence in:

  • Designing, developing & deploying scalable backend systems.
  • All aspects of CICD such as containerisation, deployment technologies & cloud platforms using tools and services such as Jenkins, Kubernetes, Docker or AWS
  • Data processing using tools such as NumPy
  • Measurement platforms such Amplitude or Mixpanel
  • Agile development approaches

Some things that we’d be pleased to see:

  • Experience with machine learning technologies like PyTorch, TensorFlow or Spark
  • Exposure to backend app services such as Firebase

What You get in Return

We’re offering £35k to £50k annual full time salary, 30 days annual leave, including public holidays, and pension. A laptop is supplied. We will consider proposals for undertaking this role part time.

Apply Now

Send your CV to along with a short note on why you are interested in this opportunity. Also, if you have a portfolio, Github, or website to show us that would be great.

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